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AXA Insurance

AXA launches campaign for young families

AXA has launched a new campaign, called AXA Young Families, to provide targeted protection for the whole family at different life stages.

To promote protection for Young Families, AXA will roll out an integrated marketing campaign with a two-pronged approach, focusing on awareness and activation.

AXA will launch a 60-second and 30-second TVC on free-to-air channels 5 and 8 as well as targeted cable channels such as Discovery, National Geographic, Disney, StarWorld, History, VVDrama and FOX.

The campaign features a refreshing 60-second TVC through the eyes of a soon-to-be dad, accompanying him on the nine month pregnancy journey with his wife. It trails his often bewildered and confused state and his expectant wife, until he is able to relax a little after seeking financial consultation with AXA.. The

A 45-second radio ad will be played on Class 95FM, along with six-sheet  bus stop posters, 60 second Golden Village cinema ads, digital plasma screens at commercial office buildings, as well as digital parental blogs, forums and news portals.

For on-ground activation, a five-week long radio contest on Class95 FM called “AXA Daddy Rescue” will be rolled out. Starting from 6 August 2015, mummy and daddy participants are to submit the most creative caption to tell us why they deserve to be rescued by the AXA Daddy Rescue team.

As part of the launch, AXA unveiled a first-of-its-kind pre-natal plan package, “AXA Family Advantage”, to allow couples, when expecting a child, the flexibility to select from 8 different types of protection.

Together with the launch of AXA Young Families campaign, AXA also redesigned and enhanced their existing pre-natal insurance package “AXA Mum’s Advantage” and introduced a new Personal Accident plan, “AXA Band Aid”. A replacement for its previous personal accident plan, “AXA Band Aid” is a simple personal accident protection plan which provides flexibility for customers to only pay for what they need and remove additional options that they do not need.

“AXA Band Aid” was launched on 23 July 2015, while “AXA Mum’s Advantage” and “AXA Family Advantage” was launched on 31 July 2015.

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