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ASUS’ Ke Lian ad generates mixed reaction

ASUS has launched an ad for its latest ASUS Zen Fone featuring actress Michelle Chong as its protagonist.

The video spot tells the story of a lonely albeit good-natured woman named Ke Lian (translated to “poor thing”),  whose closest tech companion – her phone – lacks the fancy capabilities of recent mobile models. This, according to the video spot, impedes her pop culture habits of snapping selfies with MediaCorp artistes, who are quick to reject her proposals for photographic mementos.

Soon after, karma rewards her act of kindness via a random gift in the form of an ASUS Zen Fone which boasts beauty shot capabilities. Ke Lian then gains confidence from this tech boost, attracting friends and artistes who are now eager to take selfies with her.

This is it: The FULL story of Kelian! 这就是可怜的可莲的故事!ASUS Singapore#ASUSZenFestival #ASUS #ZenFoneSelfie #TheStoryOfKelian #可怜的可莲的故事

Posted by Michelle Chong on Thursday, October 15, 2015


The ASUS ZenFone Selfie Campaign aims to increase awareness and word of mouth for ASUS ZenFone  smartphone line of products by focusing on the newly launched product. It targets females aged 18 to 35 years old and will run until December 2015.

ASUS worked directly with Michelle Chong’s agency for the video concept and production. For the online campaign, ASUS worked with Splash Interactive. It is running online on Facebook, Google and Youtube.

According to comments on the Facebook post, the ad has garnered some favourable reception from fans. The video has over 49,785 views since it was first uploaded yesterday.

And while some fans loved it thanks to the rising obsession with K-Wave pop scene, the video spot falls short of expectations of many because it lacks the signature brand of parody humour which Chong is associated with.

Ng Khee Jin, founder & creative director, Wild Advertising & Marketing, was not too impressed by the ad: “It’s un, un, un, unreal and unfunny, which is such a shame because Michelle Chong is such a talented actor who deserves better than to be stuck in a bad script with bad direction.”

Commenting on the content’s shareability, Ng said, “It looks like a trailer for a new kitschy drama by MediaCorp. It is very shareable but, unfortunately, for all the wrong reasons.”

“While I previously knew nothing about the product, I now believe that it must be cheap and poor in quality. Very kelian…”

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