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Under Armour launches global campaign

Performance footwear, apparel and accessories brand Under Armour has partnered with actor Jamie Foxx and NBA All-Star Stephen Curry to launch the brand’s global brand campaign, “The Book of Will”.

The campaign champions underdogs whose journeys to fame are defined by a relentless drive to succeed. The campaign was first launched in the United States on YouTube on 15 February 2015 and will run globally through out the year. Upcoming videos will run on NFL Network and ESPN and also across other social media platforms.

The first film which was recently launched as part of the campaign is titled “Volume One: Shakespeare Got it All Wrong”. It depicts Curry’s journey from being the son of an NBA star, to an overlooked high school basketball player and ultimately his rise as the game’s “new creative genius and most unguardable” playmaker.

Here is a look at the campaign:

The second film in the series, “Volume Two: Aristotle Got it All Wrong,” stars Foxx alongside US track and field athletes Manteo Mitchell and Natasha Hastings.

The film is a portrayal of how self-determination and inner passion led to Mitchell’s succeed. In this version, Aristotle’s famous: “You are what you repeatedly do,” quote is rewritten for Under Armour athletes to: “You are what you repeatedly do, when things get hard.”

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