Asia Pacific’s top 10 global online video ads in 2016

If you have been an avid fan of Marketing, chances are you have already watched the top 20 global online video ads of 2016 we featured last week. But keeping true to our DNA, we went back to the folks at Unruly to help shortlist the best of the best in the APAC region.

The champion this year is none other than – Ariel India’s “#sharetheload” campaign, as the most shared APAC ad in 2016. The two-minute video ad, which encourages Indian men to do their fair share of the housework, appears at the top of Unruly’s annual Top 10 APAC video ads chart after attracting 877,558 shares across social media this year.

“Aliens”, a quirky, all-singing and dancing 30-second spot from Cadbury’s Dairy Milk India, is second with 823,023 shares, just ahead of 7 Eleven’s 9-minute long Thai ad “Teachers”, in third.

McDonald’s is the most heavily represented brand with three spots in the top 10, putting it ahead of Cadbury, which has two. Other brands to feature in the chart are Knorr, Mentos and Frestea.

The list shows how fast video advertising is growing all across APAC, with creatives from Thailand, Bangladesh, India, the Philippines and Indonesia all represented.

Ian Forrester, global VP of insight at Unruly, said: “ Video advertising has once again reflected the wants and needs of society and offered a powerful route to escapism for consumers. From exemplifying the best of humanity in videos from 7 Eleven Thailand and Knorr, offering a ‘wtf’ moment with Cadbury’s Aliens, and challenging traditional gender roles in Ariel’s Share the Load, the world’s best creatives have drawn strength from uncertain times.”

He added that today brands are adding emotional intelligence and great storytelling to digital advertising.

“We’ve also seen the most successful creatives bubbling up from a vast range of countries and cultures, showing how digital video can break down national boundaries and become a truly global conversation,” Forrester added.

Unruly’s top 10 most shared APAC ads of 2016

1. Ariel – #sharetheload – 877,558 shares

2. Cadbury’s Dairy Milk – Aliens – 823,023 shares

3. 7 Eleven Thailand – Teachers – 792,328 shares

4. McDonald’s Philippines – Tuloy Pa Rin – 699,396 shares

5. Knorr – Spirit of Ramadan – 575,248 shares

6. Mentos Indonesia – Mentos Mentors – 538,013 shares

7. Cadbury’s Dairy Milk India – Marvellous Creations – 506,506 shares

8. McDonald’s Philippines – Ipagpatawad mo, minahal kita agad. – 482,186 shares

9. Frestea – Ramadhan Ep.1 “THE BREAK UP” – 480,047 shares

10. McDonald’s Philippines – Kahit maputi na ang buhok ko – 446,694 shares

Unruly’s rankings are based on the number of shares – as opposed to views – that ads on Facebook and YouTube attracted across Facebook and the blogosphere. As such, they are a measure of the ad’s online buzz or virality, ranking ads by the volume of active pass-on rather than the passive, paid metric of video viewership.

Data was collected from January 1, 2016 to November 29, 2016. Unruly’s annual top 10 APAC video ads chart only includes official APAC ads that were launched in 2016 and does not include trailers for movies or TV shows.


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