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Alipay pushes cashless taxi payments with cash incentives

Alipay has stepped up its game by providing more incentives for its cashless payments for Hong Kong’s taxi services.

Alipay teams up with Valoot Technologies Limited to launch a marketing campaign that aims to further promote electronic payments in Hong Kong taxis, and which will be made available from 8 February to 31 March, 2018.

During the campaign, drivers of 200 taxis co-branded under Alipay and Valoot will introduce the new payment alternative to passengers. First-time users will receive a sign-up bonus of HKD$55 when they install AlipayHK. All AlipayHK users will also receive HKD$10 off from their first taxi transaction during the campaign.

The electronic payment company said passengers are now able to settle taxi payments by showing their user payment code for the driver to scan, or by scanning the driver’s QR code, and complete the transaction by entering their password. Users will receive an electronic receipt through the app after each payment. The entire service is free of charge for both the user and the taxi driver.

Ovidiu Olea, CEO of Valoot, said, “We are delighted to further extend our partnership with Alipay in Hong Kong. Since the launch of Valoot Pay, our taxi payment app, last year, we have seen fantastic take-up from both passengers and drivers for electronic payments in Hong Kong taxis. This joint campaign with Alipay will add a significant boost to our mission to offer electronic alternatives to cash payments in Hong Kong taxis.”

This campaign sees Alipay’s expansion to the Hong Kong market, and is the latest sign of the growing partnership between Alipay and its local partners.

Venetia Lee, general manager of Alipay Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, said “Expanding our offering to ensure a more seamless experience for our users and merchants is one of our top priorities not only in Hong Kong, but right across southern China’s Greater Bay Area, and we will continue to look for opportunities to work with our partners to find the best solutions possible.”

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