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Alibaba’s Jack Ma mocks himself by posting “twins” pictures

For a very long time, Jack Ma, the chairman of Alibaba, has been mocked about his looks. Some even say he has a similar face as Gollum.

Ma recently posted four captioned pictures, including one Picasso painting, which netizens had been commenting that looked just like him on Weibo. He mocked himself with them and said: “Thought to give comic strips a little try — it is even harder than to be a chairman. Getting tired this time… but wait to be continued! Any more pictures?”


1. “Is Picasso’s painting that good, or because the man he draws is just too good-looking?
I noticed this Picasso’s painting the first time I went to the Metropolitan Museum. I was never able to fully understand the unique angle this master took towards beauty until I saw this man in the painting. This is the master’s view of aesthetics, I would not be surprised if this piece of work sells for zillions.”

2. ” I thought someone uploaded my childhood photo when I first saw this kid.
Look how valiant he is, feels like I am looking into a mirror. But back then, I had a “brick” in my hand, left home in tidy clothes with 5 buttons, and came back with no more than 2 buttons.”


3. “This did not scare away the audience, what else should I be afraid of?
Right! Just be yourself! Only a true self can be a real happy one. People say there are all kinds of fish in the sea. But I say, when the fish is big enough, it can find any kind of sea it wants.”

4. “I hope I can be just half as leisurely as this old man when I am old.
Maybe someday, when I lose all my teeth, I can go back to my hometown: drink some wine, have a light meal, just spend all day looking at the sky, the flowers, the birds…”

The message, posted late on China’s most popular microblogging site Weibo Sunday night, has scored more than 47,000 likes and 15,000 shares as of noon on Wednesday.

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