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AirAsia looks to consolidate units under “One AirAsia” plan

AirAsia’s group CEO, Tony Fernandes (pictured), has announced his intention to consolidate the airline’s Southeast Asian units under one list holding company.

Known as the “One AirAsia” plan, AirAsia plans to unify its units in Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines and Thailand, as well as go public in two years’ time, according to Bernama. Fernandes said the airline’s group deputy CEO Rozman Omar, is “working hard” to create the group company and that the corporate structure exercise requires plenty of effort.

This is due to the fact that AirAsia has to persuade the Malaysian, Indonesian, Philippine and Thai governments to change ownership rules. He added that having a listed holding company within AirAsia is “working really well” as the airline is reducing costs, combining its services and standardising its products.

AirAsia’s recent launch of direct flights from Kuala Lumpur to Davao showed the airline’s commitment in expanding in the Philippine market, said Fernandes. AirAsia also plans to grow its fleet to aid its expansion plan, as well as the increasing demand for affordable air travel.

AirAsia declined to comment on A+M‘s queries regarding the consolidation and the impact on its marketing departments.

Earlier this year, AirAsia said its current focus will be on “digitalisation”, as it recognises that travellers of today want a personalised and seamless travelling experience. It also launched MyCorporate, a suite of products exclusively made with its business traveller in mind. Companies that sign up to MyCorporate will have access to a convenient, easy-to-use online booking system and comprehensive reporting to keep track of corporate travelling expenses.

Recently, the airline found itself in a quandary due to the existence of a doppelganger. Going by the name of Azeri Asia TV, the media channel is owned by Azeri Asia Holdings (M) Sdn. Bhd. The loyalty programme of the channel too bears resemblance to that of AirAsia’s, flaunting the name “Azeri Asia TV BIG Loyalty Programme”. AirAsia in a press statement cautioned the public and said that this infringes on its intellectual property rights. It added that it had “never authorised Azeri Asia to use AirAsia’s corporate identity”.


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