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AirAsia distances itself from Azeri Asia TV

AirAsia has made a public announcement separating itself from Azeri Asia TV by Azeri Asia Holdings . The airline added that it “has never authorised Azeri Asia to use AirAsia‚Äôs corporate identity”, and any of its¬†intellectual property rights such as AirAsia‚Äôs website, logo, uniforms and vacancy advertisement.

Furthermore, the loyalty programme, namely ‚ÄúAzeri Asia TV BIG Loyalty Programme‚ÄĚ which Azeri Asia TV is currently promoting on their company website, is not a loyalty programme of AirAsia Berhad nor affiliated in any way to AirAsia BIG Loyalty.

“We strongly advise the public to be cautious of any organisation which infringes our intellectual property rights. AirAsia shall not be held liable for any claims pertaining to the organisation.We reserve our rights to take legal action against anyone who infringes our intellectual property rights,”¬†said the airline in a statement.


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