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SPF FB Post Criminal Minds

After STB, Singapore Police Force next to lash out at Criminal Minds

Hot on the heels of a recent burn by Singapore Tourism Board (STB) over a Criminal Minds episode featuring Singapore, the Singapore Police Force (SPF), has too, took a jab at the show.

The response, albeit less sassy than STB’s, showcases two pictures containing crime statistics which debunk claims of the Criminal Minds episode which portrayed Singapore as a city with a hidden underworld scene.

The Facebook post saw the SPF pointing out Singapore’ ranking in the Gallup’s Law and Order 2016 report, along with the hashtag #CriminalMindsBeyondBorders. This left little room for potential debate over the post being directed at the show.

Since its posting last Friday, the post has seen nearly 400 reactions and nearly 108 shares at the time of writing.

Last Friday, STB made a stand for Singapore after the airing of a controversial episode of CBS’ Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders called Cinderella and the Dragon. STB published a series of photographs on its Facebook page where Each photograph was accompanied with captions which took a jab and debunked most of the geographical and factual inaccuracies of Singapore portrayed in the Criminal Minds episode.



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