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Adtech is all the rage right now. But how much do these folks really earn?

The adtech space is heating up. In interview conducted by Ultimate Asset, John Matthews – APAC CEO at APD said that as the space becomes more and more competitive, roles around programmatic, data and analytics are going to have hugely in demand and will continue to do so.

He added that there will be continued growth in mid-level roles. Meanwhile, currently the salaries between those in Australian market and Singapore marketer are comparable.

He added, “It is always a challenge when you get team members who have been in the industry for two-three years, as all of a sudden they can command significant increases by changing roles and moving to a different business. However this isn’t unique to Singapore specifically, we see this in all markets across our network.”

Meanwhile, Adam Furness – managing director APAC, RadiumOne said that Singapore is an exceptionally competitive market for talent, as it’s a regional/global hub for many mainstream industries.  To compete with these industries, employers need to show that there are clear career and development paths, he explained.

He added that investment in digital ad spend in Singapore increased around 20% last year and is forecast to continue at around these levels over the next two to three years. The result is that demand continues to outstrip supply from a talent perspective.

“Given the size of the Singaporean job market and lack of skills in certain areas it is creating a bubble in salaries. When you add to that the restrictions that some businesses face with hiring non-Singaporeans and visa restrictions, it does mean good local talent can often demand very high salaries in comparison to the rest of the market,” he added.

Here’s how much you should be earning if you work in the field:


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