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Absolut supports equal love with new rainbow bottle

To mark the 11th anniversary of the Hong Kong Court of Appeals upholding a decision prohibiting unjustified differential treatments based upon sexual orientation (Leung TC William Roy v Secretary for Justice, 20 September 2006) – and therefore upholding equality – Absolut launched an initiative to highlight the fact that it is still illegal to engage in same-sex activity in 72 countries worldwide. The ‘kiss with pride’ series features individuals from many of those 72 countries sharing a same-sex kiss to celebrate their freedom to love who they choose.

Shot by photographer Sam Bradley, ‘kiss with pride’ reflects Absolut’s belief that people should be free to love who they choose and builds on the brand’s progressive views and ongoing mission of championing equal love. The images capture intimate moments between different people, each from one of the 72 countries, celebrating a moment not yet tolerated in their homeland.

“I was drawn to the kiss with pride campaign because the idea was so pure. I knew I had to be involved, as it’s quite rare for advertising to be for a cause without it feeling disingenuous. This felt absolutely natural and true”, says Sam Bradley. “The more people that see these images the better. And not just in progressive cities like London and New York. I would really like the images to reach people outside of that bubble and to start a constructive conversation.”

The images will be showcased on Absolut Hong Kong’s Instagram account for 32 days (starting 20 September) in the run up to the Pink Dot celebration on 22 October. Absolut has proudly partenered with this organisation for the last three years because of their passion for diversity and equality. Pink Dot will host a carnival and concert for the LGBT+ community, allies and friends at the West Kowloon waterfront promenade.

To celebrate 11 years of equal love in Hong Kong, Absolut will also release a limited edition rainbow bottle. The 1100 bottles, 100 for each year of equality brings the LGBT+ flag to life in an artistic way, that showcases two of the brand’s core beliefs – creativity and Equal Love. The bottles will be available exclusively online at from 22 October.

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