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ABS-CBN’s PasaHero app saves the day

Media conglomerate ABS-CBN has just launched a free mobile app that makes commuting not just smarter but finally safer.

Trips in the congested streets of Philippines can now be tracked and recorded for safety purposes via the “PasaHero” app, developed by ABS-CBN’s digital media division and powered by

But its most ingenious feature is its ability to instantly alert family or friends of any danger encountered while on the road, turning any Apple iPhone into a blackbox and safety beacon.

At the heart of the app is social media. Trips can be tracked starting by logging in the app via Facebook or Twitter. Relevant details like plate numbers, the color of the vehicle and even snaps of the driver can also be recorded.

Once the trip begins, the app keeps track of the device’s current location and the duration and distance of the trip. This information can be posted on Facebook for the user’s network to see.

If the user encounters any danger or problem on the road, pushing the “Panic Button” on the app will send the trip details and the user’s exact location to a customized list of emergency contacts.

The “Panic” mode also records a video through the phone camera, which will then be stored in the user’s device.

PasaHero is initially available on iOS mobile devices like the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, with plans to launch it on Android. The app currently ranks at 14th spot on the Apple app poll of Distimo.

The launch came weeks after ABS-CBN kicked-off its planned telecommunications business called ABS-CBNmobile, a $3 billion network deal between ABS-CBN Convergence and Globe in an attempt to become “the largest media and entertainment conglomerate.”

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