4As appoints Khairudin Rahim as CEO while Kenneth Wong exits

The Association of Accredited Advertising Agents of Malaysia (4As) has appointed the ex-chairman of Lowe Malaysia Khairudin Rahim as CEO, in a newly created position, effective 1 July.

Khairudin retired from his post as chairman of Lowe Malaysia in 2013. The CEO position effectively replaces the executive director’s position, previously held by the outgoing Kenneth Wong.

Khairudin is tasked with developing the strategy and long term plan for the 4As to remain relevant in the changing advertising industry landscape, said a release from 4As.

His remit also includes rebuilding the 4As value and forging local and international partnerships with the end-goal of creating a future generation of professionals.

“It’s rare to find industry veterans like Kenneth whose vast experience and contributions during his tenure were immeasurable,” says Dato Johnny Mun, 4As President. “We are fortunate to have Khairudin continue the legacy and serve the industry to help drive its ambitions and vision for the future development of the creative industry.”

Khairudin started his career with McCann-Erickson in 1975 before moving to Lowe.

“My primary role is to provide the vision, strategy and support on matters relating to governance, objectives, programmes, services, and operations of the 4As,” notes Khairudin. “While the President is responsible for the overall formation of plans and programmes with the aim of enriching the 4As members, my job is to ensure that this vision materialises to directly benefit the members and their professional well-being and profitability.”

Khairudin was the originator and prime mover of the mandatory pitch fees for which he drafted and finalised the rationale, by-laws, and advisory letters to advertisers for the 4As Council’s adoption and final approval by then President Tan Sri Vincent Lee, said the 4As.

Apart from growing its members’ business and nurturing individual careers through the provision of professional development courses, industry awards, advocacy and support, the 4As also seeks to conceptualise the association’s entry into new areas of endeavour and revenue streams.

Last month, the 4As stepped in on the ongoing Malaysia Airlines pitch to ask the former to pay pitch fees.


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