3 trends for engaging Chinese millennials

For brands who are seeking to engage mainland Chinese millennials, there are three trends worth noting.

Integrated communications agency Text100 commissioned Redshift Research to survey 1,004 millennial Chinese (excluding Hong Kong) aged between 18 and 34 via online survey in February 2015, aiming to understand the internet behavioural trends of younger consumers in China.

1. The buying power of mainland Chinese millennials will increase

73% of millennials aged over 17 in China are now working in full time employment. They will become the core customer and their buying power will increase in the coming years.

2. Mainland Chinese millennials are more practical

Mainland Chinese millennials have a stronger interest in news and current affairs than other millennials in the US, UK or even in Hong Kong. 35% of Chinese millennials list news and current affairs as one of their interests, significantly higher than for the UK (26%), Hong Kong (23%) and the US (18%).

And 62% of mainland Chinese millennials say they spend at least an hour a week looking at news websites, higher than for Hong Kong (53%), UK (52%) and US (37%).

Meanwhile, opinions from parents, scientists and business leaders have more influence on them than those from pop stars and celebrities.

3. Mainland Chinese millennials are enthusiastic in sharing content

Mainland Chinese millennials are more likely to share than their peers overseas. Funny content tops their list of content worth sharing, but work/study-related information, news and technology follow closely behind.

Written content remains the most common form of content shared, closely followed by photos and video.

Mainland Chinese millennials are also a lot more inclined to share links to a page or game.

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