Zurich Insurance HK launches tree planting campaign to relieve climate change

Zurich Insurance (Hong Kong) has launched a campaign to help relieve climate change and is calling for its customers to act.

Until 31 January 2020, the “Zurich One Policy One Tree Hong Kong” campaign will see the company plant one tree in Madagascar’s forests for every insurance policy that is successfully enrolled and issued online.

The campaign aims to plant 6,000 trees, with an estimation that the campaign could offset more than 130 tonnes of carbon emission. A global environmental initiative, the campaign started with a tree-planting piloted in the UK early this year. Since the launch of that pilot campaign, over 25,000 trees have been planted across Africa in six months.

“The tree-planting initiative is a new step that Zurich and the insurance sector are taking to raise public awareness of the importance of climate resilience,” said Eric Hui, CEO of Zurich Insurance (Hong Kong).

Seven products are eligible for this campaign and include travel insurance, medical insurance, home insurance, and personal accident insurance. Customers participating in the campaign will receive a tree certificate that shows the details of the trees planted on their behalf such as location, species, and growing conditions.

“Fighting climate change is a long and arduous challenge. We hope to see similar initiatives which can inspire more people to action and build a sustainable future together,” Hui added.

As the spectre of climate change looms high, similar tree planting schemes by various private and public organisations have drawn massive attention lately. Most notably the #TeamTrees initiative gained donations from several high wealth participants and featured Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s October donation of US$1 million, earning himself the nickname “Treelon”.

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