YOTEL opens first Asia hotel in Singapore

YOTEL has opened a new hotel in Singapore to provide travellers a seamless guest experience by integrating the elements of luxury hotels into “smartly designed” spaces. Rachel Huang, director of marketing, was appointed last year to lead YOTEL Singapore’s marketing operations. The new hotel is currently working with agencies Burson-Marsteller, Monimedia and iProspect.

In a statement to Marketing, a spokesperson for YOTEL Singapore said Singapore came as a “natural choice” as the company constantly looks to expand into regions that embrace digital, are easily accessible and frequented by corporate and leisure travellers worldwide. Additionally, the company looks for key gateway markets that share similar demographics and values of its guests. The values are time sensitivity, values efficiency and convenience, and independent and confident explorers.

The new hotel targets travellers who embrace technology, efficiency and the simplicity of design, ranging from corporate travellers to young couples looking for a seamless experience. YOTEL is tapping on new opportunities through partnerships or collaborations with “like-minded” brands and influencers to boost brand awareness.

Consumers in Singapore are not only budget conscious, but are always looking for ways to stay connected, the spokesperson said. One of the key trends YOTEL has observed is a greater consumer demand for autonomy and control over their travel experience, and personalised customer service. With more players competing in the business and luxury hotel space, YOTEL sees potential in the market place for corporate travellers and young adults wanting to maximise their time and budget without compromising on a luxurious experience.

The hotel is bridging the affordable luxury gap in the country with its product and competitive pricing such as its signature adjustable SmartBed, “Technowall” with smart TVs and “rejuvenating” rain showers. Automated self-check-in points are also available to provide guests with a more seamless, efficient and convenient experience.

“A stay at YOTEL is all about intuitive service and saving our guests time so that they can get on with the things important to them. We are incredibly excited about showcasing the YOTEL hospitality experience for the first time in Asia and we anticipate that our restaurant, bar and terrace will be very popular with guests, whether visiting the city or enjoying a staycation,” Brendan Daly, GM of YOTEL Singapore, said.

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