Where are the influencers: Instagram Stories or Snapchat Stories? [Infographic]

It’s official: Instagram stories has surpassed Snapchat stories in popularity 8 months after its launch with 200 million daily active users.

Snapchat, on the other hand, has 161 million daily active users, according to its last count in the IPO announcement.

A study from Mediakix, which tracked 12 top US social media influencers (Eh Bee Family, Alex Lange, Alexis Ren, Amanda Cerny, Arielle Vandenberg, Curtix Lepore, Hannah Stocking, King Bach, Lele Pans, Logan Paul, Matt Cutshall and Shay Mitchell) and their social activities for 30 days, further indicates that influencers overwhelmingly prefer Instagram Stories to Snapchat Stories.

According to the study, there are more stories on Instagram than Snapchat on 25 out of the 30 days, and 8 of the 12 influencers posted more stories to Instagram than to Snapchat. On average, influencers posted 6.6 stories per day on Instagram, compared to 5.3 stories per day on Snapchat.

The possible factors that contribute to the shift include a wider variety of features, larger audience size, opportunity to include external URLs, and a better search feature offered by Instagram.

These results indicate that in addition to gaining more users than Snapchat, Instagram Stories is also earning the attention of top power users, who are increasingly posting to Instagram Stories and foregoing Snapchat. This trend is likely to continue and has major implications for the market and influencer marketing as a whole.

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