Wework expands to Taiwan with new Taipei Xinyi District location

Co-working space company WeWork has entered Taiwan with a new location in the Taipei Xinyi District, at Exchange Square Two. 

Located at the city’s financial and business centre, WeWork is attempting to bring its community culture, design, collaborative mindset, and technology to Taiwan’s entrepenuers, with an aim to enable local enterprises, freelancers, startups, and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to collaborate.

“Taiwan is known for its strong high-tech capability and information and communications technology (ICT) industries. Moreover, Taiwan is a dynamic market that cultivates endless creativity and a fertile ground for innovative technologies and startups,” said Christian Lee, vice chair of WeWork Asia.

Spanning across eight floors, the design of the new location is inspired by the culture of Taiwan, featuring an array of arts and graphics related to the nature of Taiwan and people’s lives. The company is also extending a welcome to its customer base with an app that is built exclusively for members to connect with each other within the WeWork’s global network and space. 

Since entering into Asia in 2016, WeWork has adopted a global company, local playbook” strategy to deliver localised solutions while applying its global standard for spatial design, business models, recruitment, and community events. WeWork stated that it considered local cultures in high priority when tailoring solutions for the Taiwan market.

Founded in 2010 by Adam Neumann and Miguel McKelvey in New York, WeWork has 485 locations globally in 105 cities and in 28 countries, with 466,000 members around the world. 40%of its members are large enterprise companies with more than 500 employees, with one-third of Fortune 500 companies on its membership list.  In response to the rapid growth of large enterprise members, WeWork has recently unveiled customised enterprise solutions to fulfil the demand for innovative spaces.

“Leveraging our global experience and resources, we hope to support Taiwan’s industrial innovation by helping local talents innovate as well as international businesses expand in Taiwan,” Lee added.

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