Wayin launches new services to enhance customer engagement

US-based social marketing company Wayin has launched the “Wayin app store”, a platform that enables brands to customise and optimise previous campaigns and re-launch them in different geographies, which is designed to maximise the reach of conversion-driving interactive marketing experiences.

According to the company, with 40–60% of the average ad budget spent on non-working media, such as agency fees, digital product builds, and content manufacturing, brands are continually wasting time and resources on reinventing the wheel with every campaign. The new service looks to reduce non-working media costs over time by empowering brands to build on existing digital campaigns that have proven to be successful.

“The cyclical nature of marketing means campaigns are continually responding to the same cultural moments every year, whether it’s Christmas, Thanksgiving, or the Superbowl,” said Richard Jones, Wayin CEO. “Unfortunately, most global companies end up recreating similar digital experiences year after year, wasting a huge amount of time and resources. Through the Wayin App Store, brand marketers can analyse metrics from previous campaigns, from different countries and divisions, then select something relevant to their goals and build on them to target consumers in their market, making campaigns more engaging for consumers and easier to execute for marketers.”

Along with the app store, the company has rolled out a series of new service expansion apps that enable brands to integrate more creative and interactive features into their campaigns. Applications include a meme-generator, live social maps to enrich storytelling, ad unit integration for more dynamic experiences, Facebook Live and Periscope voting and charting, chatbot creation, augmented reality experiences and prize fulfillment capabilities.

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