Watsons MY lets consumers walk in the shoes of a breast cancer survivor via IG Stories

Watsons Malaysia has taken a different approach in recounting the story of breast cancer survivor Liew Swee Lee, leveraging the Instagram Stories feature to share her journey with consumers rather than the usual short film. This is part of the Pink Power campaign done in collaboration with the Breast Cancer Welfare Association (BCWA) and Naga DDB Tribal, which hopes to educate all Malaysians about breast cancer and the importance of early detection.

This strategy was adopted to engage with consumers who are active social media users. Also, the brand felt that this method of storytelling would draw audiences with its raw yet emotion-packed footages that they are able to relate to. The Instagram Story begins with a throwback post to Swee Lee’s honeymoon, where she first discovered she had a lump in her breast.

Next, consumers are taken on a journey towards her treatment and recovery, where her support system comes into play. This includes her mother, husband, friends as well as her medical team, all of whom play an important role in helping her stay positive and strong. The video ends with a reminder from Liew herself, together with other survivors, Catharine Atmawidjaja, Sarojini Kittu and Norbayati binti Karim about the importance of early detection and self-checks.

In addition to the main film, consumers can show their support for the cause by shopping from Watsons. Every RM1 will be donated to to BCWA for every RM50 purchase. In addition, shoppers will get a free RM10 voucher from participating brands. The pink ribbon, which is a global symbol for breast cancer awareness, will also be available in the form of magnets and can be purchased for only RM5 in selected Watsons stores and online. Upon purchase, customers will also get a free health check and a free express make-over by Watsons experts.

Caryn Loh, managing director of Watsons Malaysia, said it aims to make a difference by empowering shoppers and staff to educate themselves on breast cancer and promote regular health checks.

“We also hope that the donations channeled from the Watsons Pink Power campaign to the Breast Cancer Welfare Association Malaysia will enable the association to continue with their mission to improve the quality of life for women with breast cancer and to create a well-informed society with regard to breast health and breast cancer,” she added.

“True stories are one of the most effective ways of sharing poignant messages. We are glad to have identified a channel that is truly native to where people normally post personal stories”, said Paul Lim, deputy executive director of Naga DDB Tribal.

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