WATCH General Mills teaches you #HowToDad right

Let’s face it. Dads have not been getting a lot of love from the advertising world.

But this recent ad by General Mills puts dads on the map. Promoting the new peanut butter Cheerios, the campaign shows modern day fathers #HowToDad and do it right. It explains the various perks and jobs that only a dad can understand and the diverse roles that fathers actually play in the eyes of their children.

The campaign was created by Tribal Worldwide in Toronto.

“It just made sense to declare Peanut Butter Cheerios as ‘The Official Cereal of Dadhood,’ because like great dads, Peanut Butter Cheerios lie somewhere in the intersection of awesome and responsible,” Josh Stein, creative director, Tribal Worldwide – Toronto said.

Meanwhile, General Mills has also created a Tumblr page promoting the product.

Check out the ad: