WATCH Eveready creates Wayang Kulit-inspired book for children

Battery brand Eveready illustrates its product with a special torch-lit book for children.

Done by its creative agency TBWAKuala Lumpur, the move is inspired by the traditional Malaysian form of storytelling, wayang kulit (Shadow Play) and looks at creating a bonding experience for parents and kids.

Intricately crafted cutouts work together with a beam of light to create projected illustrations on any wall. The Eveready Book of Play is illustrated and written (in Bahasa Malaysia) by the team at TBWAKuala Lumpur.

Group executive creative director, VJ Anand, said: “When we were kids, the torchlight wasn’t just a torchlight, it was a light saber, its was a laser beam, it was a gateway to a different dimension. We just created a simple and charming way to get kids off their iPads and gadgets, even if it’s for five minutes, to play with the things that used to be cool for us when we were kids.”

To date, 30,000 books, packed with Eveready torchlights and batteries, will be sold across 1,000 major modern trade outlets in Malaysia.

Aaron Ang, senior brand manager of Eveready said:  “Many Malaysians grew up with Eveready, and because family bonds are so important, we wanted to create something families can do together,” said Ang. “We developed an idea that changed the rules of the game when it comes to using torchlights for play. With the book, we can inspire parents to light up a child’s imagination – with a brand new way to tell bedtime stories with torchlights.”

Watch the video here:

The ‘Eveready Book of Play’ recently won a Silver Lion in the Branded Content and Entertainment category at Cannes Lions 2015.


Chief Creative Officer: Sa’ad Hussein
Executive Creative Director: VJ Anand
Associate Creative Director: Lay Jian Yi
Creative Group Head: Lee Tak Shune
Senior Art Director: Julian Yap
Copywriter: William Beale, Maton Shukor
Designer: Tay Shen Thuu, Sam Lai
Group Account Director: Loh Mun Yee
Account Manager: Ayuni Jamal
Account Executive: Lee Xin Yi
Senior Planner: Eldon D’Cruz
Production: Benson Clive, Jackie Chong
Production House: Reservoir Production
Producers: Chow Chun Son, Nigel Pinto
Director/Editor: Randy Jay Pavanaris, Jerry Lai
Animator: MK Wong
VFX / Online: Hendro Setyo
Music: Canang Studio

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