Wall’s rolls out new Ramadan themed campaign

Ice cream brand Wall’s has rolled out ‘Scoops of Celebration’—a platform that celebrates festivities and special occasions.

Working with Tribal Worldwide Singapore, in celebration of Ramadan, the platform takes the brand’s successful ‘Scoops of Happiness’ campaign further and rolls out its first festive campaign in Indonesia and Malaysia.

The season of Ramadan is a month-long affair and so the brand has created 30 unique desserts to celebrate 30 days of Buka Puasa (breaking fast). The name of each recipe reflects the fasting calendar, so families can be inspired to try new recipes each day.

The first recipe is called ‘Wall’s Satu-Kurma’ to celebrate the first day of Buka Puasa. In Bahasa Indonesia and Malaysia, ‘satu’ means ‘one’ and ‘kurma’ means ‘date’—a popular fruit consumed during Ramadan. As a visual motif, every dish is garnished with a crescent-shaped ingredient to make it even more symbolic to the season.

The campaign is supported by a television spot that follows the journey of a young boy during his first fast, and how his family comes together to support him with Wall’s recipes every day.

Watch the Wall’s Ramadan TVC :


“The idea was to create a unique fast-breaking ritual for families. We tapped into the insight that families support each other, especially the younger kids, through the fasting period. And mothers, being the heart of every family, look for simple, delightful recipes to make each day special,” Vinod Savio, creative director at Tribal Worldwide Singapore said

Apart from creating an integrated campaign, Wall’s also crafted bite-sized, ‘snack-able’ recipe videos that families can discover and engage with on Facebook, YouTube or Instagram.”

Watch the recipe videos:



Jeff Cheong, president of Tribal Worldwide Asia added that the brand’s previous campaign, ‘Scoops of Happiness’, has garnered close to seven million views and boasts 17,776 subscribers on YouTube. The campaign used magical fairytales and ice cream to create special bonding moments between mothers and children.

“With ‘Scoops of Celebration’, we’re continuing the tradition of getting families to bond over ice cream, using festive desserts and special occasions. These are great examples of integrated campaigns that are based on universal insights, but still do wonders across local markets. And we plan to continue ‘sweetening’ big occasions like Christmas in markets such as Australia and the Philippines,” said Cheong.

Client credits:

Unilever Regional, Brand Development Manager: Cheryl Que
Regional Brand Development: Sara Buchholz

Agency Credits:
Chief Creative Officer: Neil Johnson
President, Tribal Worldwide Asia: Jeff Cheong
Group Executive Creative Director: Joji Jacob
Creative Director: Vinod Savio
Creative Group Head: Liong Khoon Kiat
Art Directors: Meyvi Wedelia, Herbert Pradjaja
Copywriters: Abhinav Ullal, Chandra Marasigan
Business Director: Lauren Ahearn
Head of Planning: Carlos Palacios
Strategic Planner: Kristin Tan
Account Directors: Chrystabelle Tan, Jo Angeles
Agency Producer: Bettina Feng
Assistant Agency Producer: Isabelle Lee
Print Producer: Michelle Tan
Project Manager: Raymond Hiew
Production House: Think Tank Productions
Photography: Wizard Photography
Audio Production: Fuse Family
Post Production: VHQ Post

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