Wall Street Journal launches English language tool

Dow Jones has announced the launch of Newsmart, a digital-first learning product combining daily news content from The Wall Street Journal with a unique teaching engine comprising over 2500 comprehension, grammar and vocabulary exercises.

Available both for individuals and institutions, Newsmart utilizes the expertise of a professional learning team and gamification theory to make mastering Business English engaging and rewarding.

“We believe the key to successfully learning English is to make it a habit and see Newsmart as a compelling offering connecting a new international audience to the world’s best source for business news while mastering the global language of business,” said Katie Vanneck-Smith, Chief Customer Officer and Global Managing Director of Dow Jones.

With exclusive access to the Journal’s daily news feeds, Newsmart’s dedicated English language learning team carefully curates six articles on a daily basis and up to two videos a week focused on business, finance and technology news.

Users log in to read and watch content, and then complete in context comprehension, grammar and vocabulary exercises. Designed to maximize rewarding interactions, the program uses points and badges to award achievements, as well as a leaderboard to drive competitive engagement.

Newsmart is available for individuals, as well as institutions and corporations as Newsmart Pro, which features enhanced data analytics to monitor employee performance against Toeic, Toefl and other recognized international English certifications.

Source: Dow Jones

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