Vserv launches Vserv Smart RT

Mobile marketing platform Vserv has launched a re-targeting product Vserv Smart RT.

Focused on the burgeoning e-commerce industry in emerging markets, the new product will enable re-targeting in two ways, firstly for desktop users on mobile sites and apps, and secondly for mobile site users on third party apps. Through this, companies will be able to re-target consumers with the right messages, right products and at the right time, allowing for an improvement of sales.

Narayan Murthy, vice president, global sales & strategy, Vserv, said: “The launch of Vserv Smart RT will transform the way e-commerce companies market their products in the emerging markets. With consumers today moving between different devices, Vserv Smart RT provides e-commerce companies the ability to re-target consumers from desktop to mobile.

“Also, with 100% accuracy in re-targeting, the product is capable of serving individual ads to consumers in real time and with customised content, delivering up to 6X boost in ad responses,” he added.

“Sustaining engagement with prospective buyers is one of the biggest challenges that all E-commerce companies face. Re-targeting helps engage with them, thereby increasing our transactions and boosting our sales,” Sachin Kapur, head marketing APAC, emerging markets (India, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines), Groupon said.


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