Visual Amplifiers launches offices in Singapore and Hong Kong

Successful Australian content creation and social influencer marketing firm Visual Amplifiers (VAMP) has officially expanded its reach across Asia Pacific by launching offices in Singapore and Hong Kong.

Co-founded by Aaron Brooks and Ben McGrath, VAMP is a platform comprised of individually recruited influential content creators, or influencers, who help brands tell stories on social media.

With a growing team across Asia Pacific and a physical presence in Singapore and Hong Kong, VAMP is fast expanding its client base, which includes local campaigns for Waft, Park Hotel Group, Hong Kong’s Hysan Place, New Balance, and ongoing regional campaigns with some of the world’s most recognisable brands. Founded in 2015, VAMP has worked on campaigns for major brands including Samsung, Uniqlo, eBay, ASOS, Arnott’s, Swisse, Rimmel, Kelloggs, MasterCard, Campari Group and many more.

Co-founder Aaron Brooks said VAMP’s objective in APAC is to help clients to think more strategically about influencer marketing and branded content by introducing VAMP’s proprietary methods and tactics that have made them the market leaders in ANZ and which, up to this point, have yet to be employed by brands in Asia.

“It’s about bringing a rigor and craft to a marketing channel that has been polluted by the quest for audience reach over quality content. The desire for brands to engage audiences through social influencer marketing campaigns is at an all-time high, but it’s too easy for companies and agencies to assume that reach and number of followers will result in the most effective campaign,” he said. He added that trusted influencers lend unparalleled credibility to brands, which more effectively translates into ongoing loyalty and engagement.

“Celebrity influencer endorsements are no longer the best way forward. Today, there are thousands of influential professionals who rule the social stage with their innovative creative vision and authentic self,” said Amy Luca, Vamp, marketing director.

“We believe in targeted engagement with brands with bespoke custom content designed to leave a lasting impression. Using our collective of effective, tried and tested talent is where VAMP’s point of difference is.”



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