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Virgin Atlantic lands with Best of British

Best of British, a series of events and campaigns to promote British brands, has received title sponsorship from Virgin Atlantic.

The event, which runs throughout November, brings the best of British culture to Hong Kong, with garden parties, croquet, fish & chips, a charity golf day and a replica of London street to be built in Central. The event has received backing from  the British Consulate-General Hong Kong and the British Chamber of Commerce.

Launched by TCOB, it will also act as a retail experience, with some of Hong Kong’s most high-profile attractions and venues to be reborn as British icons.

Among them is Tamar Park, which will be transformed into an outdoor cinema for three nights of classic British cinema, featuring the most famous British onscreen hero, James Bond.

“We’re delighted to be title-sponsoring the Best of British in Hong Kong, we’re very proud to have been connecting the UK and Hong Kong for over 20 years,” Stephen, head of Asia Pacific for Virgin Atlantic, said.

“With the launch of our brand new aircraft and a newly-renovated clubhouse in Hong Kong this summer, passengers will be experiencing the best of British service every time they fly so partnering with these exciting events seemed like the perfect fit.”

Alex Brazendale, director of TCOB Media, said sponsorship around the event had been strong, showing that the time was right for a British cultural showcase.

“It just felt like the time was right to launch the event and judging by the sponsors response the events are taking great shape,” he said.

“The key here, we believe, is to offer unique experiences for consumers and all of our brand partners.”

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