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Drake lip syncs Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood in Apple Music ad

Apple has posted a new Apple Music commercial that continues its “distractingly good” campaign. This time the ad sees rapper Drake lip syncing Taylor Swift’s popular song Bad Blood in the gym, mimicking her ad from earlier this year.

The video opens with Drake in the gym room working out with a trainer, but when his trainer steps out for a moment, the rapper hits play on Swift’s Bad Blood and dances and lip syncs.

Since he’s too busy belting out the catchy lyrics, the Canadian rapper drops the weight and falls off the bench. Then the spot shows “distractingly good” at the end.

An Apple Music commercial earlier this year showed Taylor Swift running on a treadmill and singing along to Drake’s song Jumpman.

In a similar vein, when Swift got so caught up in rapping along that she slipped and fell right off the treadmill.

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