Video comes to Inquirer via AR

The Philippine Daily Inquirer’s first augmented reality-enabled newspaper has hit the presses Wednesday in an attempt to put print back in their hands.

The broadsheet has upgraded its news app to a have a new function called INQSnaps, developed by Singapore-based software company Knorex, which instantly beams additional video content.

The Inquirer placed its first special AR icon on Wednesday’s front page, which when scanned using the Inquirer Mobile app directs users to a five-minute video showing highlights of the 1st Inquirer Senate Forum.

Inquirer said the AR will be a regular feature of future issues starting next week. Aside from video, the Knorex-based function also allows Inquirer to attach photos and graphics, games and rich media content for advertising.

Broadsheets in the country have been adding AR technologies in their editorial mix, reviving a floundering business model with digital. Its rival The Philippine Star just beaten the Inquirer by around a week to be the country’s first newspaper with AR functionality.

The Inquirer Group’s digital unit MegaMobile owns exclusive rights to use INQSnap and Knorex software in the Philippines. The Inquirer Mobile app itself is free, as are all content viewed on INQSnap.

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