Vidal Sassoon China goes full ‘Cool Britannia’ in Sweetshop Shanghai’s video ad

Vidal Sassoon China (VSC) and Saatchi & Saatchi Shanghai have launched a new trendy pop-punk inspired video ad produced by Sweetshop Shanghai.

Directed by Loic Simon Maes, ‘I’m No Copycat’ follows in a similar vein to Vidal Sassoon’s recent #ifollowme output for China, pitching its premium product with a multicolour-maned cast of eclectic looking characters. And similarly enough, it’s selling the idea of hair providing a method of self-expression and allowing its users to identify as something unique and confident.

Maes commented on his work saying, “I wanted to celebrate these people who go against the tide in a very bold and graphic way, so I used a variety of visual techniques to do so — from false perspective with 2D printed set elements, to surrealistic oversized props, to 3D graphic collages. The result is a very dynamic and playful spot that really captures the disruptive, revolutionary essence of the new Vidal Sassoon”.

It may not have the memorable off the wall qualities of Sweetshop’s best of catalogue but it’s a fine piece of well-crafted work for the product. Visually it’s striking and gets across the message and tone well with its jagged black and white cutouts merged with deep red backdrops and immaculately coiffed hipster-looking models.

The union jacks and phone booths may have as little punk authenticity in 2019 as a Ramones t-shirt at Hot Topic but it’s the right coding to utilise with the audience in mind. They want upwardly mobile people to buy the idea of the hair product, not actually smash the system, so even if it’s a faux playful edge, it feels right to reach China’s trendy youth.

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