UOB tests Singaporeans on travel knowledge

United Overseas Bank’s (UOB) inaugural “Are You Travel Savvy” campaign – that was launched three weeks ago at the UOB Plaza atrium – has attracted close to 18,000 Singaporeans.

The campaign is targeted at raising awareness on travel insurance and encourages Singaporeans to travel smart and safe through an engaging online travel quiz. The quiz tests how well Singaporeans know different cultures and places of interests around the world. The event was attended by Singapore’s most popular bloggers, namely Christabel Chua from TheSmartLocal, Dawn Yang, and Brad Lau from Ladyironchef.

Wilson Tan, head of web management and digital sales at UOB Group said, “What has surprised us though is that despite Singaporeans being very knowledgeable about their holiday destinations, many do not have travel insurance when they go on vacations. Through this campaign, we hope to convey the message to Singaporeans that being travel savvy is not just about understanding the cultures and the history of different places, it is also about being smart in protecting oneself from travel risks.”


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