UOB releases statement to distance itself from coffee shop drama

An unfortunate case of misreporting has led to local bank brand UOB being dragged into a heartland drama unwillingly.

The bank has now had to release statements clearly distancing itself from a video that has been making it rounds on the internet over the weekend. The video saw a couple, whom netizens claim to be UOB employees, having a scuffle with an elderly man, who was later physically pushed.

The bank was dragged into the spotlight after claims were made that the two were employees of its Toa Payoh branch, following an online witch hunt. Here was the first statement they issued yesterday, which it added it will not “condone” this behaviour.

Three hours later, on a Sunday, the bank posted a pinned update following its internal investigations to confirm and clarify that the two individuals were not part of its Toa Payoh branch staff count. The most recent Facebook update garnered 442 mixed reactions, 227 shares and 119 comments at the time of writing.

If that isn't proactive response, we don't know what is. Well done, UOB.