UNIQLO to launch online shop in HK and Macau

More and more retailers are tapping into e-commerce to  integrate online business into its portfolio. UNIQLO has announced the it will launch the official online shop in Hong Kong and Macau on 4 December.

Due to the soaring rental and limited space of brick-and-mortar stores in Hong Kong, as well as the uprising trend of e-commerce, UNIQLO said the online shop is a solution to limited inventory of the physical stores, according to Ming Pao.  Ning Pan, CEO of Uniqlo Greater China, expected the online shop is capable of boosting sales.

He also said that the company will leverage big data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) to learn about customers’ preferences as HKET reported.

In 2009, UNIQLO launched a flagship store on Alibaba’s Tmall. The brand also rolled out its own online shop in October this year. Pan said both e-commerce platforms accounted for 15% of the sales in China, while Tmall is the main contributor.

Pan also said Tmall is still the brand’s important strategic partner, while its own online shop can collect extensive data such as keyword search, chatbot conversation, allowing the brand to understand customers’ expectations, preferences and complaint for better strategy planning in the future.

Hong Kong’s online shop is now having a test run. After the official launch on 4 December, customers will be able to purchase all collections online, and choose the preferred delivery method.

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