TVB challenges fried chicken advertising ruling

You might still remember the scene when Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB) prominently showed the brand logo of a fried chicken chain during its annual awards show last December. While the TV Station had been fined HK$150,000 for the indirect advertising act in May, it has decided to launch a legal challenge against the Communications Authority’s (CA) ruling.

In an application for judicial review filed at High Court today, TVB contended that the CA’s decision handed down on 24 May 2016, alleging eating fried chicken in the TV show was “a breach of the Codes of Practice, was irrational, unreasonable and contravened the Bill of Rights.”

“According to our legal advice, the CA’s decision is unconstitutional because the concerned provisions of the Codes of Practice intrude on the right to free expression, and the CA is not an independent and impartial tribunal to determine TVB’s rights and obligations in a suit at law,” a TVB spokesman said in a statement.

“Product sponsorship is a practice commonly adopted by the TV industry around the world to finance their productions. The heavy-handed limitations on product sponsorship in Hong Kong goes against the international trend and is not conducive to the development of the Hong Kong TV industry.”

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