TripAdvisor teams up with travel influencers and publishers for Trips tool inspiration

TripAdvisor has teamed up with several local travel influencers and publishers to specially curate itineraries for Hong Kong travellers with its new planning tool.

TripAdvisor Trips is a web and app-based platform that allows travellers to organise places they intend to visit on a map and create an itinerary. This can also include creating lists of ideas or recommendations, which can be accessed using the TripAdvisor app before, during or after their trip. Trips can be private and they can be shared to allow collaboration. By viewing it in this manner, users can also find the most cost-effective and/or time-efficient way to get things done.

Users can check out trips that have been crafted by the partnered influencers like Lin Shi Bi for getaway inspirations or build their own from scratch.

“Hongkongers love travelling on their holidays and we know people enjoy planning a trip. With Trips, we’ve made planning and collaboration easier and more fulfilling, with the ability to save favourite places and recommendations that can be shared. Whether it’s a girls’ getaway or a family holiday, travellers can use Trips to create and collaborate on a holiday itinerary or guide based on their passion points, such as ‘10 Ramen Restaurants to visit in Tokyo’ for foodies or ‘Must-visit night markets in Bangkok’ for shopping fanatics,” said Jane Lim, vice president of business operations and strategy for TripAdvisor Asia Pacific.

TripAdvisor states that Japan is currently the most popular travel destination for Hong Kong travellers to ring in the new year.

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