Toyota drives home safety awareness message with latest campaign

Toyota has launched its regional safety campaign for a third consecutive year. Titled “Be safety leaders”, the campaign urges drivers and passengers to be proactive in traffic safety by beginning with the simple act of belting up.

Through this educational campaign, Toyota hopes to reinforce the fact that seat belts complement airbags and increase their effectiveness by 15 times. Furthermore, seat belts reduce the risk of fatal injury by up to 50% for front seat passengers and 75% for rear seat passengers. These activities will be extended to all ASEAN countries, including India, Pakistan and four new Southwest Asian countries of Bhutan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Nepal.

The campaign follows a regional safety campaign which began in 2014 amidst high traffic accident fatality rates, low law enforcement and general low safety awareness that were becoming prominent issues in a Southeast Asian region that was undergoing rapid motorisation.

In the first year, Toyota focused on call-to-action for greater seatbelt usage. In 2015, the campaign continued to advocate seatbelt usage and additionally, aimed to empower the public with knowledge to be safety leaders.

“Traffic safety is Toyota’s top priority. We believe in contributing to achieving a society with zero traffic accident fatalities. Through our regional safety awareness campaign, we urge drivers and passengers to belt up to keep themselves and their families safe,” Hiroyuki Fukui, president of Toyota Motor Asia Pacific said at the campaign launch event.

In addition to last year’s interactive online campaign activities such as Toyota Seat Selfie App and “Go Go Buckle Up” Game, a new campaign video is introduced this year.

The video features an emotional narrative of a child urging the parent to belt up for safety. Toyota hopes that the message “Belt On For Every Journey” will raise greater awareness that there should be no excuses to ignore one’s safety.

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