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HK’s Top 5 YouTube ads in Q3 2018

YouTube Hong Kong has released the top 5 ads of the leaderboard in Q3 2018. Creative storytelling continued to lead the way in this quarter with imaginative ads that speak to common themes.

IKEA Hong Kong

IKEA Hong Kong’s video takes home the top spot of the leaderboard. It showed the humourous side of parenting as it featured “two kids” in a family – the father and the son. The story led viewers to weigh in with their perspectives on the family.

Bank of China (Hong Kong)

Bank of China (Hong Kong) takes the second place. Celebrating the release of its new bank notes, the bank created a video to showcase iconic scenes in Hong Kong and stories that inspired the artwork on the bills.

adidas Hong Kong

The third is adidas original’s latest ad featuring actress Yang Mi along with other celebrities including Lu Han and Kiko Mizuhara as they explored the meaning of “originals” by breaking through unknown obstacles.

HSBC Hong Kong

HSBC Hong Kong’s ad told a the story of a boy’s journey to school with his well-protected egg. The ad aimed to showcase the purpose of insurance as a means to fulfill people’s promises.

Mentholatum Hong Kong

Mentholatum’s ad video claimed the fifth place. It caught the wave of the World Cup and featured local YouTube creator Tat Gor(達哥)in a humorous skit on dating with a twist.

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