Top 10 Malaysian YouTube ads consumers are talking about this Ramadan

With Ramadan coming to an end and making way for the Hari Raya festivities, Google has rounded up 10 Ramadan-Raya advertisements on YouTube that have captured the hearts of Malaysians this year. This year’s list covers a wide spectrum of emotions experienced throughout the days leading up to Eid, from cheeky-cute ads filled with laughter and smiles, to heartwarming tales of family and forgiveness.

1. Malaysia Airlines

Hari Raya is a time when consumers get to reunite with their loved ones, as well as the sights and sounds that they have grown up with. Malaysia Airlines’ latest YouTube spot showcases the heartwarming reunifications that take place during the festive season. The video had about 3.7 million views and 7.3k likes at the time of writing.

2. Lazada Malaysia

Lazada features two neighbours – Mak Ani and Mak Dah who are always competing with each other, until they were reminded that Hari Raya is more than just about who has the nicest clothes. The ad had approximately 2.6 million views, and 3.3k likes on YouTube.

3. PruBSN

The spot shows a young boy who plans to fast this Ramadan and while doing so, learns the importance of giving, doing good deeds, being patient and not being wasteful. At the time of writing, the video had 1.6 million views and 4.3k likes.

4. Shopee

Months after it launched a “Baby Shark” inspired song, Shopee aims to get consumers bobbing their heads to another tune this Raya! This video garnered 3.2 million views and 4.4k likes at the time of writing.

5. RHB Group

In the latest edition of its “Challenger Series” created by FCB Malaysia, the bank casts a spotlight on a public school teacher named Amy Mistaka, also known as Cikgu Orked, who went the extra mile to overcome the language barrier between her and a recluse student, Yip Kah Szhen. Launched on 16 May, the video currently has since garnered four million views, 12,000 likes on Facebook and YouTube.

6. Shopback Malaysia

Stressed about fasting and the upcoming Raya season? Shopback has got you covered with its cashbacks. Be entertained by this ad which has amassed 1.7 million views and 132 likes on YouTube at the time of writing.

7. Touch ‘n Go

Touch ‘n Go aims to draw consumers to its cashless bazaar in Kampong Bahru in its latest spot, as well as encourage more individuals to use its eWallet this Ramadan. The video had about 977k views on YouTube at the time of writing.

8. Etiqa

Etiqa wants to get you grooving to its song in its latest Raya spot featuring three national legends Zainalabidin, Afdlin Shauki and Adibah Noor. The spot had 824k views and 135 likes on YouTube at the time of writing.

9. Bata Malaysia

Fretting over what to wear for Raya? Bata has got you covered this season with its wide range of shoes. Check out this spot featuring celebrity couple Amyra Rosli and Amar Baharin.

10. Vinda Tissue Malaysia

There is bound to be havoc in the kitchen as families gear up for Hari Raya and prepare for a delicious meal. Vinda’s new spot, which had about 807k views and 36 likes on YouTube at the time of writing, likens the kitchen to a messy war zone.

Did your favourite ad make the cut?

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