Tokopedia launches Umrah service

Indonesian tech company Tokopedia has launched Tokopedia Umroh, which is part of the Tokopedia Salam ecosystem. The eCommerce platform has collaborated with various official Umrah agents, to carry out Umrah worship to the holy land, while simultaneously supporting the distribution of Islamic economics in Indonesia digitally.

Umrah is an Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca, Saudi Arabia that worshipers undertake every year. Head of Tokopedia Salam, Garri Juanda said the company is working with official agents to provide service standards and facilitate the preparation of the Umrah worship experience and when travelling in Saudi Arabia.

In addition to the Umrah pilgrimage, Tokopedia also bolstered its selection of offerings on its platform. According to the eCommerce company, Muslim fashion has become one of the most sought-after needs of Indonesian people. About more than 85% of Tokopedia users have a need to shop for Muslim fashion. As such, Tokopedia collaborated with various local creators in the Muslim fashion industry including Ria Miranda, Zoya, SAYEE and others to present their various works through Tokopedia Salam.

Juanda explained that the company has seen increased visits by 45% to Tokopedia Salam between September to October 2019. In addition to food products, beverages, fashion, cosmetics and worship equipment, the Tokopedia Salam ecosystem also offers a range of conveniences such as investing in sharia (religious law) with Tokopedia Emas and Sharia Mutual Funds. Through Tokopedia Salam, the company also announced a donation campaign for users to distribute aid in the form of alms, sacrifice and zakat (alms-giving as a religious obligation/tax) transparently and according to their respective preferences. This donation campaign will also be an ongoing campaign, where each Tokopedia Salam donation partner will be able to submit social initiatives to be reviewed, curated and supported by Tokopedia Salam.

According to Juanda, Tokopedia Salam is a solution from upstream to downstream, starting from the availability of products and services, to payments, for people who have a need for good products and services. “Through Tokopedia Salam, Umroh sellers and official agents can evolve into a technology company that can continue to adapt to the development of the era and the needs of the community, also have wider market access and coverage, in accordance with the mission of sharia economic equality in Indonesia digitally,” he said.

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