The Rising Need For Transparency

For brands to connect with the discerning consumer, it is important to be honest and transparent.

With a plethora of information accessible to consumers and the numerous mediums to voice their opinion, it is critical brands reach out to them in a relevant manner.

Today’s consumers are able to sieve out information on their own without marketers having to blast product benefits to them. They have the power to decipher and influence crowds regarding the advantages as well as disadvantages of the products.

This then gives rise to the need for transparency and truth. According to Lim Kok Hin, head of domestic operations, Canon Singapore, customers are expecting brands to speak to them on a personal level, without pushing a sales agenda.

“For brand messaging to get through to these consumers, brands must position themselves as trusted advisors,” Lim says.

“Marketing faces an era of dynamic digital access and unprecedented transparency,” Yung C. Ooi (pictured), head of marketing communications, Asia Pacific, DHL Express & senior director of marketing, DHL Express, Hong Kong adds.

“Everyone can be an influencer and information can be accessed via multiple channels, even those supposed to be internal or confidential.”

In the new age of marketing, marketers have a lot less control over what is being said about their brand or product. Today’s customers have the ability to look in greater detail to find the reality behind initial appearances.

“Authenticity is key,” Yung adds.

The sentiment is also echoed by Lisa Jazwinski, marketing director, Southeast Asia, Bacardi-Martini Singapore who says that consumers will put more value into authentic brands , meaning “brands who consistently deliver on brand promise ‘walking the walk’ across every interaction”.

She adds that as consumers are continuously offered endless choice and marketers need to work even harder to understand their needs. Rather than being wrapped up in key buzz words, Jazwinski says that the best ideas will still be the ones driven by true consumer insight.

“The fundamentals of marketing still exist so don’t let your message get fragmented in order to keep up with the buzz words,” she says.

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