The Laughing Cow explores the true value of family time

To bring families together through family fun, Bel Groupe has teamed up with DDB LIVE Hong Kong to launch an activation campaign that is inspired entirely by kids via its popular cheese product The Laughing Cow (TLC).

To create happy moments and genuine family time, TLC first laid the groundwork by recruiting 100 kids from various primary schools to become their “kid consultants”.

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These kids were then interviewed about what they thought was the best way to spend time with their families. The interviews all unveiled the same truth: a happy time for kids was actually very simple: all they wanted was to go to the park or the beach with their mums and dads.

Riding on this insight, a viral video was launched on Facebook to kick-start the campaign. The video contrasts the differences between parents’ and kids’ ideas of happy family time, highlighting that parents always plan meticulously for the perfect family day out. But what kids really want is much simpler – they just want to be with their parents.

Once the conversation about happy family time started, TLC took to the streets with a mobile truck activation.

Six of the best family time ideas from the “kid consultants” were chosen and developed into special “TLC family time kits”. Along with delicious TLC products and coupons, each kit included the necessary tools or toys for parents and their kids to enjoy a particular activity together. They included a flying disc kit, a planting kit, a ball game kit, camping kit, a sand castle kit and a drawing kit.

While the mobile truck traverses Hong Kong, TLC encourages families to hop on board and enjoy a simple happy family time together, and receive one of the six “TLC family time kits”.

Families are also encouraged to post pictures of their family having fun at the family wheel on social media. Ads and advertorials will also run in newspapers and magazines.

“Bel groupe is committed to sharing smiles through the unique experience of dairy goodness and the Laughing Cow brand is at the forefront of promoting happy family time to Hong Kong families. By partnering with DDB, we have developed this activation campaign to encourage family bonding through the fun and playfulness of our cheese snacks,” said Gaelle Launay, general manager of Bel Greater China.

Added Valiant Yip, head of DDB LIVE at DDB Group Hong Kong: “We understand how hard it is to balance family and work life in this city. It seems hard for families to have the time to create happy family memories together. Our campaign for TLC shows that having fun is much simpler than we all thought.”

The Laughing Cow Family Wheel mobile truck will be stationed in popular family venues in Hong Kong from 25 March until 4 April.

Client: Bel China
Agency: DDB LIVE Hong Kong
Creative director: Paul Yu
Associate creative director: Ben Ling
Senior art director: Tony Cheung
Art director: Matthew Kwok
Copywriter: Paul Yu
Strategic planner: Ronald Lee
Head of DDB LIVE: Valiant Yip
Account manager: Wing Or
Account executive: Angela Lee
Head of broadcast, Hong Kong: Annie Tong
Audio visual editor: Alex Li