The Bees Group secures HK$1 million to fund Start PR, includes it as subsidiary

Hong Kong based marketing services group The Bees Group has funded boutique PR agency Start PR and included it as its first PR agency in the group.

Start PR was able to secure HK$1 million from The Bees Group. Eiswein Wong, co-founder of Start PR said the fund will be used to further promote its “à la carte marketing and public relations services” to different industries. In addition to its current clients from the IT industry and international start-ups, the company also aims to expand its services to companies from the F&B and FMGC industries.

“As the first PR agency in The Bees Group, we will also offer generous benefits to the staff including the lucrative ‘334 profit-sharing scheme’, two-day birthday leave, unlimited subsidies for buying books, movies, and drama tickets, to name a few,” he added.

The 334 profit-sharing scheme is part of The Bees Group’s strategy to help grow its business and retain staff, as 30% of profits will be given to shareholders of the company, 30% will be reserved for future growth, while the remaining 40% will be given to all employees in the group.

“We strongly believe the passion and professionalism of employees, together with the belief of the shareholders, are vital to the betterment and growth of the company. Therefore, the results should be shared equally to both the staff and shareholders when Start PR starts making profit,” Wong commented.

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