The average Hong Kong wedding costs HK$480,000, study finds

On average, newlyweds spent as much as HK$480,000 on wedding-related products and services last year.

Hong Kong-based online wedding planning and verified review platform Bespoke Wedding has conducted a survey on local wedding trends. According to the survey, wedding banquets were the largest expense with couples on average putting down HK$230,000.

Wedding-related jewellery and honeymoon trips were ranked second and third respectively, as couples usually spent HK$85,000 and HK$60,000 on these items. Couples also usually spent about HK$60,000 on photography services – the fourth most expensive item on the list.

When it comes to the services couples were paying the greatest attention to, 95% of respondents said they looked for information regarding wedding banquets, and 90% needed photography services. Make-up for brides (85%), and wedding dresses and groom attire (83%) were ranked third and fourth respectively.

The study has also unveiled the factors that couples were considering before purchasing any services. Costs were a major concern, while reviews and reputations of merchants came second and third. Couples also looked for shopping rewards and rebates, checked service availability, and rated the responsiveness of merchants.

Though 80% of respondents said they looked for information on the internet, only 15% of them resorted to wedding planning apps, and 14% of them planned their weddings through online platforms. However, only 10% sent digital wedding cards to relatives and friends via smartphone or emails.

When asked about what factors have impacted their marriage plans, 84% of the respondents said the price of residential properties influenced their marriage plans. 72% of respondents said their financial status was the second major concern – as they prefer having a sound financial foundation before getting married.

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