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You have probably noticed has undergone a fairly comprehensive overhaul. We have been working hard over the past four months to modernise the site, to make it more relevant, easier to navigate and to allow for instant real time uploading of the latest news as it breaks.

Any of you who have been a part of a website implementation, or redesign, will understand it never works exactly as you expect right out of the box. The tweaking and bug fixing can take months or even longer.

After a long and painful process we are now confident we are almost there with

Some of you know there were some initial implementation issues with outlook and our new look newsletter, which we have been resolving over the past week. Reader feedback has helped us fine tune the site and the newsletter delivery and for that we are grateful.

If you still have any issues with either the Marketing Daily newsletters or our website itself please don’t hesitate to let us know at and our development team will try and resolve those issues as soon as possible.

While we are pleased with the new look and functionality of the site, what you see today is the first step towards us building a site which takes its cues from the exciting developments in online content delivery and communities that we are all witnessing.

While the one site serves both Singapore and Hong Kong, you now have the ability to switch between the two markets with the drop down menu on the far right corner of the page just about our new consolidated blog area.

Once again thank you for your patience while we have been building and implementing the website and we look forward to continuing to provide the most comprehensive site for marketing intelligence in our two key markets of Singapore and Hong Kong.

Tony Kelly

Regional editorial director

Marketing magazine,, Marketing Daily

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