Telekom Malaysia helps SMEs with SmartMap

Telekom Malaysia (TM) has partnered with Malaysia Franchise Association (MFA), TM Info-Media and iProperty to bring its latest web-based map application SmartMap to the SME market.

SmartMap enables interactive analysis which includes area ring search and zoning, plotting internal data and sharing visual data. With this information SmartMap combines user’s outlet information, customer profile and company internal data for in-depth analysis and evaluation to aid decision-making.

This would help brands in determining the best location for new outlet expansions and identifying potential markets.

Through this collaboration MFA will be TM’s strategic partner in promoting SmartMap and WiFi@Outlet to all its registered members. TM Info-Media and iProperty are content providers for the application.

Azizi A. Hadi, executive vice president of SME, TM, said the launch of SmartMap was a stepping stone for SME businesses in improving their businesses and having a competitive advantage in the ICT driven society of today.

“SmartMap is a web-based solution that combines TM’s digital map with valuable business data that provides businesses with valuable geographical and demographical data to help them make more informed business decisions. It provides access to demographic distribution, property valuation, and business information which are vital in determining the best location to setup their business, expansions or even potential target market.”

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