TBWA\ and Cooler Lumpur pair up

TBWAKuala Lumpur has partnered with Cooler Lumpur, a Kuala Lumpur-centric festival, curated by Popdigital.

The festival adopts specific themes each year with the aim to expand the city’s cultural horizons, build stronger communities and cultivate creativity and imagination of the people. With over 5,000 attendees each year, the festival brings together a variety of artists, musicians, writers and thinkers.

This year’s theme, “RE: Independence”, examines what it means to be independent and whether we are still able to decide what to control and how much of ourselves we want to be controlled.

TBWA will look at how these principles apply to brands, corporations and communities. Featuring a lineup of individuals and organisations that have challenged and revolutionised their respective industries, the sessions will showcase how disruption can help unlock creative independence.

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中国互联网巨头腾讯控股与美国职业篮球协会(NBA)签署一项独家合作伙伴协议,腾讯将会在其新媒体渠道上提供NBA联盟的赛事及节目。 该协议为期五年,将于2015年7月1日正式生效,具体交易金额没有公布。 NBA赛事及节目将通过腾讯网、QQ、腾讯视频客户端、腾讯新..


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