TAUZIA Hotels CMO Irene Janti on marketing Indonesia’s hospitality scene right

As someone with a dearth of experience in the hotels industry, Irene Janti (pictured), CMO of TAUZIA Hotels Management, also has finance and operations experience under her belt. This, she says, has contributed to helping her understand the different business objectives and perspectives when it comes to managing the TAUZIA Hotels network. On a day to day basis, Janti manages the corporate marketing division, executing a 360 global marketing strategy for the hotel brand. Her remit also includes the hotel’s loyalty programme, as well as corporate management, which comprises a clear action plan, monitoring and measurable evaluation.​

In a recent conversation with Marketing Interactive, Janti shares about her experience as a marketer deep in the hospitality sector in Indonesia and gives her tips on resonating with the Indonesian consumer.

Marketing Interactive: What are some of the challenges you face as a marketer?

There are so many marketing tools and channels in the market out there. At the end of the day, it is about how smart we should act, while using best tools with an affordable budget and delivering the result. As a marketing team, we always need to keep alert to ensure we don’t miss trends.

Marketing Interactive: Any challenges which are specific to the Indonesia market?

Indonesia is one of the countries with the biggest volume of social media users, so one challenge is in ensuring we are able to reach these users with customised offers. Another challenge is marketing to generations of consumers which are more conventional, as such, we still need to encompass a more conventional approach to reach these customers.

Marketing Interactive: How do you cut through the clutter especially in the hotel space?

As a marketer, it is really important to have a 360 marketing strategy, as well as learning and training. Another important factor is planning and convincing different stakeholders by leveraging accurate data analysis, and allowing for measurable target and results.

Marketing Interactive: What are some of your marketing plans moving forward?

We are looking at using customer relationship management as a tool to engage with customers. What is also important for us is also building our loyalty programme which goes beyond a focus on points. We are also looking to create new experiences, while still focusing on the human element as well as touch points to for example engage the various senses.

Marketing Interactive: What is the role digital plays in your marketing mix? 

Digital is grabbing a bigger role when it comes to the marketing action plan and there is a shift to digital having higher budgets. For us, we allocate a ball park of around 60-70% of our marketing budget into digital. Being in the hospitality industry, the challenge is more on how technology can work with less human error, while still showing the human approach when it comes to the service itself.

Marketing Interactive: Any trends you are observing in your industry when it comes to marketing?

Personalised marketing will take a huge role when it comes to success in the hotels industry. This means ensuring customers get offers which are tailored to their interests and needs. It’s no longer about mass offers.

Hotels are also not just a place to stay, but rather a place for new experiences.

Marketing Interactive: What are some areas in marketing you see impacting your business?

Data management. People keep talking about data analysis, but now, it’s about how smart we are in using this data without neglecting the human approach when it comes to execution (i.e. service).

Marketing Interactive: What are some skills you think marketers need today to be equipped for the future?

Be open minded. There are so many new things coming everyday – from new trends, new tools and channels. Marketers need to have knowledge in both offline and online marketing, and never stop learning. The marketing world is changing so fast.

Marketing Interactive: Any tips for brands and agencies looking to expand their presence in Indonesia?

Ensure you have accurate data analysis to better understand customer behaviour. Dare to try new things and get out from the conventional customer approach. Also, keep abreast of the latest and upcoming market trends.

Always gear for better analysis, better options and more transparency.

Marketing Interactive: Is finding good marketing talent a problem?

It’s challenging as many resources and talent are still focused or based on the conventional aspect of marketing. There is lesser talent in the industry with the digital knowledge and experience to focus on data analytics.

Marketing Interactive: Agency-client relationships – how important are they it and what are some of the struggles in this working relationship?

My point of view is that agencies are your partners. As such, agencies need to give options or recommendations when it comes to approaching customers, going beyond being the executor.

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