Sun Life Financial encourages you to look on the bright side of life

Sun Life Financial has launched its latest online video “Your wish determines your goal” to further strengthen its online brand presence.

Illustrating trivial matters of what local Hong Kong people encounter every day, the video shows how people in the city, be they adults or kids, can all experience stress, anxiety and fear from different aspects.

The video takes an emotional approach to encourage audiences to relax in the hustle and bustle city, seize their chance to enjoy precious moments with family and friends, and above all, treasure the love they receive from people around them.

“The video ends with a scene featuring father, mother and son enjoying family time at the beach, admiring the view of the sun just above the sea, which conveys the message of life’s brighter under the sun,” said Jeremy Young chief marketing officer of Sun Life Hong Kong.

A.LOUD Asia Communications (A.LOUD) was tasked with spreading the brand message and promoting the online video.

The integrated online campaign includes a prelaunch video featuring Vince Ng, a multimedia freelancer and former news anchor, sharing how he strikes a balance between work and life after he became a freelancer with audiences.

Following the prelaunch video, the agency has lined up with more KOLs to share the video “Your Wish Determines Your Goal” on their Facebook page to continue the discussion.

With the objective to promote the video to different target groups, A.LOUD targeted several online media including Topick, Economic Digest online and Baby Magazine online to place an advertorial to outline one of the key messages of the videos – parents are encouraged to pay more attention to their children by action instead of only concerning their material life.

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