Study: Music brings positive influences to every aspect of daily life

Audiophiles rejoice! Listening to music will not only elevate emotions and reduce stress but can also improve human connections and boost working efficiency depending on the selected playlist, according to the latest survey by US-based sound experience brand Sonos.

In what will likely be of interest to anyone using sound elements in campaigns, Sonos has released its “Brilliant Sound Global Survey”, an online survey conducted between 15 March to 5 April 2019 to capture insights from over 12,000 people aged 21-50 in 12 countries worldwide. Its aim was to determine how essential listening habits were to human happiness, with results that hint music might just be the key to reducing stress, improving productivity, and being healthier.

54% of the survey’s global respondents said that music has made them either laugh or cry unexpectedly. And while it seems pretty self-evident that music can trigger emotions, it also has a profound impact on our daily lives with three out of four respondents agreeing that listening to music reduces stress. Over half said they were happier when listening to a favourite song (52%) and that music helped boost their overall mood at work (58%).

The survey revealed that listening also has a major effect on our connections with other people, from friends and family to lovers and long-term partners. 76% of global respondents said they felt an instant connection with others who have similar tastes in music. The lust-fuelling characteristics of music don’t just dissolve once the initial connection is made – most global survey respondents said that music makes sex much better (59%) and that it can even make them more adventurous in bed (56%).

Sonos also conducted the survey locally in Hong Kong. The results gathered from the 1,000 respondents mirrored the worldwide survey with a reportedly significant positive impact on stress, productivity and fitness.

The survey showed that listening to music can have a positive impact on Hongkonger moods (47%) and significantly helped with stress related to work and daily tasks. While only a slightly more stoic two out of five respondents have laughed or cried unexpectedly when listening to music. But to many, music is the key that helps them calm down and feel better (64.1%).

In Hong Kong, two of five respondents said that listening to music out loud helped connect their family and even eased tensions. One in four agreed that hangouts happen more with background music.


“Listening to music, especially music that we prefer, releases a host of chemicals into the body which can affect our feelings and behaviours. Hormones such as oxytocin cause us to experience pleasurable emotions, contributing to relaxation, trust and increased social bonding,” commented Evelyn Lee, music therapist and founder of Prospect Music Therapy, an organisation that uses music therapy methods to promote health and well-being.

The survey also found that music is also seen as an inspiration to kick-start one’s day or to elevate people’s efficiency at work, depending on the selected playlist. Music can boost people’s productivity (35%) and creativity (27%). One out of three respondents turned to music as their muse to help them think of new ideas when stuck and that it inspired them to do great work. Music even appears to be a better energiser than coffee, as one out of two would opt for music over coffee when it comes to getting work done.

Listening to fast-paced and stimulating music can have a direct link to fitness performance, as 81% of respondents said listening to great music inspired them to achieve their fitness goals. Moreover, one out of four shared that music has made a greater impact on their fitness than any other supplement. At the gym, Hongkongers push themselves further and work out longer with the motivational presence of music (43.3%).

Lee added that listening to fast, stimulating music produces adrenaline which is known to power performance, especially in sports. 

Sonos landed in Hong Kong in April this year through Asian major distributor TC Acoustic. It has plans to undertake a fully integrated marketing program in Hong Kong to expand its brand locally. 

“We believe that listening is essential to human progress, culture and happiness,” said Adriaan Thierry, Sonos managing director for APAC and EMEA. “We are excited to be helping bring positive change to customers by inspiring them to listen better with Sonos.”

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