Spotify opens its doors to Hong Kong advertisers

Music streaming service Spotify has partnered with ad company Pixels for the placement of visual and audio ads within the service for Pixels' clients.

The scope of Pixels offering will cover selling ads to all clients in the Hong Kong, offering branded pages, profiles and playlist, as well as ad formats from in-stream audio, display and video.

Kevin Huang, CEO of Pixels said, advertisers are already working with the agency on custom content and branded solutions that aim to harness the potential of Spotify’s audio experiences.

The partnership comes after Spotify launched in Hong Kong two years ago. The company has since has worked with FWD and Mercedes-Benz to run ad campaigns and branded playlists in partnership with media agency MEC Hong Kong.

Sunita Kaur, Asia MD at Spotify, said, the new advertising offering is a unique addition to Hong Kong's advertising market.

“Pairing audio with visual advertising is one of the most powerful forms of online marketing," she said.